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About Us is an independent website dedicated to promoting consumer protection through verifying sites with good business practices. This is done by issuing seals to qualified sites that meet requirements for proper online conduct and e-commerce security.

We currently issue 2 types of seals: "Trusted Site" seals and "Security Verified" seals. In order to qualify for a seal, you must meet the following requirements:

  1. Your site must be on its own domain
  2. Your site should display current contact information
  3. Your site should conduct all transactions over a secure server

Once approved visitors will be able to click on the seal issued to you to leave feedback with us on our site. If we receive an excessive number of complaints about a particular site, and believe the site is engaging in unethical practices, we will revoke the seal.

Use of our seals without our permission is prohibited, and we will pursue legal action against any website that displays our seal without proper purchase.

View our seals here.

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