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Our Trust Seals

1. Security Verified Seals

This seal is appropriate for those sites engaged in e-commerce or are engaged in the transfer of sensitive information. The seal ensures visitors that your site is secure and has been verified by a third party.

In order to display this seal, your site must provide all transactions over a secure server, with a current SSL certificate from a trusted source.

If you do not know where to obtain such a certificate, click here for our recommendations. In some cases, your web host may allow you to "share" a certificate that they already have on their server.

Price: $5.95/month
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2. Trusted Site Seals

These seals can be used in conjunction with the above "Security Verified" seals or by themselves.

For the trusted site seal, we 1) verify your information using registrar databases, 2) require up-to-date contact information on your site, and 3) enter your site information in our database and monitor customer satisfaction.

Visitors can click the seal and access your current seal status, view your information, and file complaints with us. If there are an excessive number of complaints, we may review the case and consider revoking the seal if it is clear to us that a site is engaging in unethical practices.

All you need to do for this seal is sign up using our easy form, and we will do the rest. Most approvals occur within 48 hours of order.

Price: $5.95/month
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